The Butterfly Effect

A butterfly flapping it's wings can cause a tsunami miles upon miles away. Is it possible to prove The Butterfly Effect in a court of law? I will attempt to do so in the coming months as war escalates to nuclear attacks who knows maybe Washington DC or London as a recent article posed suggesting Russia will strike soon. It was some years ago when I heard of nuclear war from my Yogi Master, Sri Dharma Mittra. In 2003 after his class he said to me and another disciple, Benjamin these words: "A nuclear bomb. People will be saved."

Why did he say these words? Unless you have abilities like Dharma does the reason can only be explained in cross examing him on the witness stand which my attorney, Nicholas Rose will do soon. Questions for Dharma will go something like this...

1) Why did you need Langdon's help in uniting the East and the West in Israel?

2) You showed Langdon a piece of paper depicting a circular diagram of teleportation and said pick this up if you want to study with me. What was the reason for this?

3) In 2007 you teleported on a bike from NYC to Chicago where Langdon was living. "A trick" you said you would show him. Why did you show Langdon this siddhi?

4) Your wife, Eva Grubler and 4 disciples led Langdon to a restaurant after you inverted Langdon's brain wave lengths, hypnotizing him. At the restaurant Eva said Langdon was a Messiah like Neo in The Matrix. Can you explain how Langdon was suppose to be that in Israel.

5) Bethann Hardison, an elder disciple began taking Langdon to movies essentially brainwashing him. In the last movie she took him to the end scene featured an Al Queda terrorist blowing himself on a crowded bus in Israel. Bethann turned to Langdon and said "Did you get that? after the movie screen went white symbolizing nirvana.

6) Please explain how Yoga in your experience teaching Langdon was suppose to end global conflict.

These are just some of the questions my attorney will ask Sri Dharma Mittra in court. In the matter of Langdon Lorimer versus The Dharma Yoga Center, I have suffered extensively from running from the rhetoric of what I thought was a peaceful lifestyle, Yoga.

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