A Cult Like No Other

My name is Langdon Lorimer. I was 30 years old when I began work exchange at The Dharma Yoga Center in New York City. Suffering from depression since a teenager and looking to stay fit teaching indoor cycling classes at Equinox I had read about the benefits of Yoga one can attain by studying with a Master.
Sri Dharma Mittra is known as "the rock of Yoga". He has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 1975 as a devote disciple of his Guru, Yogi Gupta. Sri Dharma Mittra has over one million followers worldwide and has an impeccable reputation for being a humble, charismatic leader.
I didn't take class for over a year, working the front desk and cleaning because I sensed a strange energy from Dharma's teachings. Gradually I was seduced into taking classes by his fame and the supernatural abilities one can have by studying the mind through Yoga.
On a cold Tuesday winter morning Dharma rode up on his son's BMX bike to teach class. I asked, "can you do tricks?" He said, "I'll show you a trick!" Several days later at a coffee shop I was sitting enjoying my latte when I heard in my head these words: "Pick this up if you want to study with Yogi Gupta." I look at the table next to me and there lies a piece of paper face down. I turn it over and see a circular diagram of teleportation.
Biking to teach my cycling class on 89th St. soon after I heard those words in my head Dharma appears on a bike across the street. He had teleported from opening a black hole in his mind, suspending time and space. I look back and he vanished. Why did these Yogis show me this?
Bethann Hardison is a famous talent manager to Tyson Beckford and Naomi Campbell. She is also an elder disciple of Yogi Gupta. Bethann befriended me in my cycling classes and took me to lunch with Naomi Campbell where she said: "You have a choice to either help unite the East and the West or end up dead."
It has been two years since I began taking class with Dharma. My cycling classes grew in numbers as a result of channeling shakti energy from Dharma and Yogi Gupta.
"You are going to be famous!", Eva said to me after Yoga class one day. Eva Grubler is Dharma's wife and devote disciple of Yogi Gupta. As my cycling became popular at Equinox, celebrities started showing up in my classes. Courtesy of Ms. Hardison I learned to be charismatic meeting all these famous people like Dharma.
Seduced by the shakti energy I was channeling I soon became aware of the plan these Yogis had for me. And if I didn't obey Eva let me know this: "I would shoot myself in the head like a former disciple had done for not obeying." Dharma also had me listen to his words: "My brother, Sattya Mittra, jumped off a 10 story building for not following my Guru."
The plan as I was immersed in one of the most powerful Hare Krishna cults not known to many as a cult- a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

was by Bethann Hardison's brainwashing methods often found in cults. Most of the teachings in traditional Yoga are imparted psychically. I was taking Dharma's Hatha Yoga classes and psychic development classes. Dazed by the psychic impartation from these Yogis, Bethann began taking me to movies depicting the protagonist as a sacrificial lamb also movies telling of supernatural abilities. One movie Bethann invited me to see with her told of an Al Queda terrorist blowing himself up on a crowded bus in Israel reaching nirvana. She turned to me and said "Did you get that?"
At the same time Dharma and Eva were going to Israel to psychically prepare the surrounding community for someone to arrive with a message. Famous as he is, one of Dharma's disciples, Sharon Gannon (owner of Jivimukti Yoga Studio) was featured in the cover of Time magazine with Christy Turlington. Both of whom I met. The cover read 'Is Yoga The Next Religion?"
How to create a religion? You need a spokesperson that can mesmerize with miracles.
Langdon Lorimer

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