How did Jesus sell eternal life, salvation?


Deb Brown Maher

Deb Brown Maher has been studying and teaching the sales process for 35 years but for the last seven, she’s been focused on how Jesus Christ sold salvation and eternal life to his followers. Her research culminated in a book called Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics of Christ For Ethical Sales. The following are three principles that Maher shared with the Union Square Times.

1. Jesus listened before saying or asking anything because listening is vital to being able to ask the right questions during a sales call. (Luke 2: 46- 47). “Listen to your client’s problem as they present it, and then ask according to what they have said so that you can get to the root cause of why they're looking for a solution,” Maher said.

2. When pressured by adversaries, Jesus managed his emotional responses. (Matt 22:15-22) “The very first thing that salespeople need to do is recognize when they're being triggered emotionally and have a response plan,” Maher told the Union Square Times. “Jesus managed his emotional response every time he was confronted by the Pharisees who were trying to kill him because he was going against all of their religious tradition.”

3. It wasn’t until 8 years after the reported resurrection of Jesus that the apostles expanded their reach to non-Jewish people and, as a result, Maher advises selling to a target audience. (Matt 10:1-7) “Jesus didn’t try to sell everyone,” she said in an interview. “He was selling for 3.5 years and only to the Hebrew tribe of the 12 tribes of Israel. What's problematic for salespeople trying to sell everyone is that you have limited resources, limited time, and limited money for marketing. So, the more narrow your target audience, the more effective you can be.”

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